Boost up your wordpress website with few usefull tips

A fast loading wordpress site is very important if you want to rank your site on the google , it can improves your pageview and search rank on the google . wordpress loading speed is always helpful to websites seo .

a fast loading wordpress site is always preferable to visitor .

we will show you few tips to easily boost up your sites performance and loading speed .


best wordpress hosting

1 . Selecting a Good Hosting

Selecting a good hosting is the behind the success of your websites . if you selection is wrong all your hard working on your site will waste so think before selecting a hosting company .

Our recommendation is , our server is fully wordpress optimized with litespeed webserver and Maria db Database server that will increase your site speed up to 30% .  Cloudlinux will give you high level of stability on our server .

wordpress hosting caching

2. Caching plugin

imagine , if you open 50 application on your computer it will slow down your pc , its the same reason that if 50 people load wordpress in your server it increase your cpu or resource usage at a result , your site will be slow and laggy .

so its the easy way if you use caching plugin to cache your data on your server .

cache plugin will give visitor’s a cache version of your website .

we recommend wp super cache and w3 total cache .

you can also use mod cache if you have idea to work with .htaccess file .

what is cdn ( content delivery network )

what is cdn ( content delivery network )

3. Using CDN

CDN  (content delivery networks) will optimize images, CSS, and JavaScript code of your website and it will delivery to worldwide visitors through its cloud content delivery network .

CDN or content delivery networks will serve css , js script , and image statically that will increase your wordpress loading speed and it will give visitor a better experience while visiting .


4. Database optimization

Database clean up and optimization is very important step to improve performance of wordpress website .

trackbacks and pingbacks ,  post revisions ,  unapproved and spam comments , trashed comments in database will slowdown your website’s .

you can easily optimize your database through wordpress plugin but we prefer  WP-Optimize plugin for its better performance .

wp-optimize will clean trackbacks and pingbacks ,  post revisions ,  unapproved and spam comments , trashed comments from your database and improve the size of database and increase your websites loading speed .

5. Use optimized theme

a optimized theme is a key of optimization . a better seo ready theme can give you best seo results in google and other top search engines . buy theme from top branded store or wordpress  directory , never install any crack theme from local websites . Nulled theme contains encrypted php codes and other codes that will harm your site .

6. keep updated

keep your wordpress theme and other plugin updated . updated will keep your site good and secured .

updating will secure your website’s from threats and hacking .

Updated: October 22, 2016 — 4:56 am

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