Installation is a process that lasts only a few minutes. You’ll need root SSH access to your cPanel server. Also check the current requirements (listed lower). If everything is ok, login as root and type the following commands, one at a time:

cd /  
rm -f  
wget --no-check-certificate  
bash install

The process will take a couple of minutes to complete and after that, Engintron will be installed on your cPanel server. Engintron has a nice user interface which is activated inside WHM, under the Plugins section. After installation, refresh WHM in your browser and you should see Engintron in the Plugins section (it’s the absolute last section in WHM’s sidebar).

In there, you’ll find basic options to control Nginx, Apache and MySQL, all in one convenient place. Additionally, you can edit all of Nginx’s configuration files (as well as some from Apache & MySQL) to get even more from Engintron (e.g. configure Engintron for use with CloudFlare). If however all you want is to accelerate both static & dynamic content delivery, then Engintron is already setup for you and you don’t need to do anything more.

Inside the Engintron app dashboard you’ll also find some handy utilities to monitor things like your Nginx access & error logs, check processes on your server or see incoming traffic on port 80.


Uninstalling : if you want to remove this from your vps or server and revert back to previous state :

Login as root user in your server using an SSH connection and execute the following commands:

$ bash / remove

This process will completely uninstall Engintron, as well as all configuration files, including the WHM app dashboard.

It will also revert your system back to its previous state.


If for some reason Apache fails to start after you uninstall Engintron, simply open up WHM and navigate to “Tweak Settings”, then look up Apache’s HTTP port field and if the value there is, simply change it to Hit save and then restart Apache from within WHM.

Updated: August 26, 2017 — 5:50 pm

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